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Social Activities


We have a reservation of tables at the LANS box student cafeteria. The LANS box is at the west of the centenial hall (32 of the campus map ). It takes less than 3 minutes to go there from the building Z. In the cafeteria, take plates which you like and go to the casher. Our reserved tables are in the east room of the cafeteria. If you have a difficulty to choose food, please ask a help of Japanese participants.


During short breaks, coffee will be served at Z101. Bottled water will be always available at Z101.


The banquet will be held on Wednesday evening at the restaurant Sakura (a link in Japanese) in the campus. The restraurant is in the building 8 (academia hall) of the campus map.


We do not have an organized excursion. Here are some recommendations.
  1. Visiting Kyoto
  2. Visiting Nara
Links to tourist egencies are in About Kobe.