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The conference site

The conference site is the building Z of the graduate school of Science (=faculty of science), Kobe University. The building Z is next to the department of mathematics, Kobe University ( access ).

Registration desk

Our registration desk will be open from 11:00 till 20:00 on Sep 12 (Sun) at the lobby of Toyoko-inn Sannomiya No.2 . If you get the travel reimbursement, it will also be available there. The reimbursement will be in cash if you do not have a bank account in Japan. We hope that you stop by the registration desk on Sunday, because our program starts from 9:00 on Monday.

From Sep 13 (Mon), the registrationd desk will be at the room Z101 (ground level) of the building Z. It opens at 8:30 and closes at 16:30 (or at 17:30). If you have questions or need a help, the registration desk is happy with helping you.
Secretary's room of the department of mathematics is at the 4th floor of the building B, which is at the south of the building Z. You can go there from the 4th floor of the building Z.

For other information about local things, please see the bulletin board.


July 26 : The room reservation from the registration page has been closed because all the rooms reserved as a group at toyoko-inn sannomiya No.2 are full now. All the requests of hotel reservation made by July 23 have been confirmed.

Please visit our registration server to make the registration.

Regular Registration fees : JPY 12,000

Registration fees will include:

Hotel reservation

You can easily make a reservation from http://travel.rakuten.co.jp/en by yourself. Hotels near the Sannomiya station, JR-Motomachi station, JR-Kobe station will be convinient to come to the conference site. Here is a list of hotels of travel.rakuten.co.jp, which will be convinient to come to the Kobe University. We hope that this list will help you.
If you have a hardship of making reservations, local organizers are happy with helping you. Please send a mail to


If you have questions on registrations, accommodations, financial supports, documents to apply for visa, and travels, please contact to