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List of Papers


Hales, Thomas:
Computational Discrete Geometry

Kojima, Masakazu:
Exploiting Structured Sparsity in Large Scale Semidefinite Programming Problems

Mehlhorn, Kurt:
Reliable and Efficient Geometric Computing

Stein, William; Erocal, Burcin:
The Sage Project: Unifying Free Mathematical Software to Create a Viable Alternative to Magma, Maple, Mathematica and MATLAB

Session: Computation of Special Functions

Cuyt, Annie; Backeljauw, Franky; Becuwe, Stefan; Van Deun, Joris:
Validated Special Functions Software

Chevillard, Sylvain; Joldes, Mioara; Lauter, Christoph:
Sollya: an environment for the development of numerical code

Zimmermann, Paul: 
Reliable computing with GNU MPFR

Salvy, Bruno; Benoit, Alexandre; Chyzak, Frédéric; Darrasse, Alexis; Gerhold, Stefan; Mezzarobba, Marc:
The Dynamic Dictionary of Mathematical Functions (DDMF)

Session: Computational Group Theory A

Barakat, Mohamed; Görtzen, Simon:
Simplicial Cohomology of Smooth Orbifolds in GAP

Konovalov, Alexander; Neunhoeffer, Max; Luebeck, Frank; Linton, Steve; Behrends, Reimer:
Towards high-performance computational algebra with GAP

Schneider, Csaba; Murray, Scott; Ambrose, Sophie; Praeger, Cheryl:
Constructive membership testing in black-box classical groups

Session: Computational Group Theory B

Horn, Max; Eick, Bettina:
Computing polycyclic quotients of finitely (L-)presented groups via Groebner bases

Pasechnik, Dmitrii; Kini, Keshav:
A GAP package for computation with coherent configurations

Miyamoto, Izumi: 
An Improvement of a Function Computing Normalizers for Permutation Groups

Session: Computer Algebra

Bigatti, Anna Maria; Abbott, John:
CoCoALib: A C++ Library for Computations in Commutative Algebra

Dumas, Jean-Guillaume; Pernet, Clément; Gautier, Thierry; Saunders, B:
LinBox founding scope allocation, parallel building blocks, and separate compilation

Faugere, Jean-Charles: 
FGb: a library for computing Grobner base

Hart, William Bruce: 
Fast Library for Number Theory: an introduction

Session: Exact Numeric Computation for Algebraic and Geometric Computation A

Halperin, Dan: 
Controlled Perturbation for Certified Geometric Computing

Karavelas, Menelaos: 
Exact geometric and algebraic computations in CGAL

Rouillier, Fabrice: 
On solving systems of bivariate polynomials

Session: Exact Numeric Computation for Algebraic and Geometric Computation B

Rump, Siegfried M:
Accurate and Reliable Computing in Floating-Point Arithmetic

Mörig, Marc: 
Deferring Dag Construction by Storing Sums of Floats Speeds-Up Exact Decision Computations Based on Expression Dags

Yap, Chee; Yu, Jihun; Du, Zilin; Pion, Sylvain; Brönnimman, Herv\'e:
The Design of Core 2: A Library for Exact Numeric Computation in Geometry and Algebra

Session: Formal Proof A

Adams, Mark: 
Introducing HOL Zero

Alama, Jesse: 
Euler's polyhedron formula in MIZAR

Arthan, Rob: 
Building a Library of Mechanized Mathematical Proofs:

Session: Formal Proof B

Hales, Thomas: 
Linear Programs for the Kepler Conjecture

Harrison, John: 
A formal proof of Pick's theorem (extended abstract)

Urban, Josef; Hoder, Krystof; Voronkov, Andrei:
Evaluation of Automated Theorem Proving on the Mizar Mathematical Library

Session: Geometry and Visualization

Hoffmann, Tim: 
On local deformations of planar quad-meshes

von Gagern, Martin; Mercat, Christian:
A Library of OpenGL-based Mathematical Image Filters

Mucherino, Antonio; Liberti, Leo; Lavor, Carlile:
MD-jeep: an Implementation of a Branch & Prune Algorithm for Distance Geometry Problems

Reininghaus, Jan; Hege, Hans-Christian; Prohaska, Steffen; Hotz, Ingrid; Guenther, David:
TADD: A Computational Framework for Data Analysis using Discrete Morse Theory

Session: Groebner Bases and Applications A

Ichim, Bogdan; Bruns, Winfried; Soeger, Christof:
Introduction to Normaliz 2

Tec, Loredana; Regensburger, Georg; Rosenkranz, Markus; Buchberger, Bruno:
An Automated Confluence Proof for an Infinite Rewrite System Parametrized over an Integro-Differential Algebra

Vejdemo-Johansson, Mikael; Dotsenko, Vladimir:
Operadic Gröbner bases: an implementation

Noro, Masayuki: 
New algorithms for computing primary decomposition of polynomial ideals

Session: Groebner Bases and Applications B

Nishiyama, Kenta; Nakayama, Hiromasa:
An algorithm of computing inhomogeneous differential equations for definite integrals

Blanco, Rocio: 
A new desingularization algorithm for binomial varieties in arbitrary characteristic

Markwig, Thomas: 
Computer algebra methods in tropical geometry

Session: Number Theoretical Software

Ghitza, Alexandru; Citro, Craig:
Enumerating Galois Representations in Sage

Tanaka, Satoru; Ogura, Naoki; NAKAMULA, Ken; Matsui, Tetsushi; Uchiyama, Shigenori:

Fieker, Claus; Cannon, John; Donnelly, Steve; Watkins, Mark:
Magma - a tool for number theory

Session: Software for Optimization and Polyhedral Computation A

Baes, Michel; Rostalski, Philipp; Adjiashvili, David:
Removing redundant quadratic constraints

Jensen, Anders: 
Traversing Symmetric Polyhedral Fans

Schürmann, Achill; Rehn, Thomas:
C++ Tools for Exploiting Polyhedral Symmetries

Session: Software for Optimization and Polyhedral Computation B

Verdoolaege, Sven: 
isl: An Integer Set Library for the Polyhedral Model

Liberti, Leo; Cafieri, Sonia; Savourey, David:
The Reformulation-Optimization Software Engine

Lorenz, Benjamin; Haase, Christian; Paffenholz, Andreas:
Generating Smooth Lattice Polytopes

Session: Reliable Computation A

Neher, Markus: 
Complex Inclusion Functions in the CoStLy C++ Class Library

Revol, Nathalie: 
Standardized Interval Arithmetic and Interval Arithmetic used in Libraries

Session: Reliable Computation B

Lecerf, Grégoire: 
Mathemagix: towards large scale programming for symbolic and certified numeric computations

Li, Liyun; Moreno-Maza, Marc; Leiserson, Charles; Xie, Yuzhen:
Efficient Evaluation of Large Polynomials

Popova, Evgenija; Kraemer, Walter:
Communicating Functional Expressions from Mathematica to C-XSC