ICMS 2018 - Session 10: Mathematical Interfaces: Computing, Modeling, Web & Mobile

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Aim and Scope

The theme of this session is the user interfaces that mathematics researchers and learners use for reasoning, computing, and interacting with mathematical objects. Though recent developments in information technology have been improving the capability and efficiency of various interfaces for computation, visualization, and knowledge propagation, further refinement is needed for these interfaces to be fully utilized for mathematical activities. The exchange of knowledge and experience in the construction and practical use of mathematical interfaces would be helpful. Also, the unification of functionality throughout different interfaces may lead to deeper and wider applications. This session will bring together researchers, developers, and users of various mathematical web/mobile interfaces, computing environments, and scientific visualization tools to provide a forum for discussing common and distinct challenges and further developments. This session accepts papers that address related research and development and present new technologies. Papers exploring both research and educational experiences by using these technologies in an original way are also welcomed.

Topics (including, but not limited to)

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