List of Sessions

(specialized sessions sorted by organizers)

  1. Number theory and related areas (details)
  2. Novel Formalisations of Mathematics in Lean (details)
  3. Software for the applications of group theory to combinatorics (details)
  4. Classical Algebraic Geometry & Modern Computer Algebra: Innovative Software Design and Its Applications (details)
  5. Advancing computer algebra with massively parallel methods (details)
  6. Computer algebra applications in the life sciences (details)
  7. Machine learning within computer algebra systems (details)
  8. Numerical software for special functions (details)
  9. Algorithms for relative equilibria in the N-body problem (details)
  10. Mathematical research data (details)
  11. Symbolic-numeric methods in algebraic geometry (details)
  12. Polyhedral geometry and combinatorics (details)
  13. General Session (details)

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