ICMS 2018 - Session1: General Session


Aim and Scope

This session addresses aspects of mathematical software that are not covered by the previous sessions.

Accepted Talks

Jing Yang and Chee K. Yap: On \mu-Symmetric Polynomials and D-plus

Annie Cuyt, Engelbert Tijskens, Matteo Briani and Wen-Shin Lee: SPARSIMATICS: a mathematics toolbox for sparse problems

Michael Monagan and Baris Tuncer: Sparse multivariate polynomial factorization: a high-performance design and implementation.

Vincel Hoang Ngoc Minh: On the global renormalization and regularization of several complex variables zeta functions by computer

Michela Ceria, Teo Mora and Andrea Visconti: Efficient computation of squarefree separator polynomials

Oleg Marichev: Computability of general integrals and integral transforms

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