Second International Congress on Mathematical Software

Castro Urdiales, SPAIN, September 1-3 2006


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Welcome to the home page of ICMS'2006. This conference is jointly organized by the Dept. of Mathematics, Statistics and Computation and the Dept. of Applied Mathematics and Computational Sciences of the University of Cantabria, Spain. It will be held in September 1-3 2006 at La Residencia, Castro Urdiales (Spain) as a satelite meeting of ICM 2006. We will welcome developers of mathematical software systems as well as researchers in algorithms and mathematicians who are interested in developement of mathematical software systems.

This is an almost unique chance to meet people in different disciplines in mathematics and computer science and exchange ideas on developements on mathematical software systems. Although the mathematical software sessions of the main ICM program intend to attract general audiences, the main audience of this satellite meeting is assumed to be developers of mathematical software systems. We will try our best to give chances of presentations for late applications by participants of the ICM software session.

This is the second edition of this congress and follows up the first edition held in Beijing (China), August 17-19 2002.  The proceedings of that congress have been published by World Scientific (see the cover here). In addition, some papers were selected for a Special Issue of the Journal of Symbolic Computation, Vol. 38, Number 4, October 2004.

This congress is comprised of some sessions devoted to different Mathematical Software issues as well as a general track. When submitting a paper, please check if it fits into the aims and scope of any session. If so, submit your manuscript to the session organizer. Otherwise, send your paper directly to the general track. Follow the Paper Submission link on the left for more detailed instructions about the submission process.

The congress language will be English.

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Lecture Notes in Computer Science
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