Second International Conference on Mathematical Software

Castro Urdiales, SPAIN, September 1-3 2006

Paper submission and Proceedings

We will accept original research papers on any of the topics of this congress. All submitted documents will be reviewed and notification about acceptance/rejection will be sent to the corresponding author at due time. Proceedings of this congress will be published as a volume of the Springer-Verlag, Lecture Notes of Computer Science series.

Proceedings of ICMS 2006, LNCS 4151. Volume Editors: Nobuki Takayama and Andres Iglesias.

This conference is comprised of some sessions devoted to different Mathematical Software issues as well as a general track. When submitting a paper, please check firstly whether it fits into the aims and scope of any session (see here the current list of sessions). If so, submit your manuscript by e-mail to the session organizer (their corresponding e-mail addresses are available at the Web page of each session) and to:

(an automatic submission engine).

Otherwise, submit your paper only to

the general track.

Please, go to this link and follow the instructions indicated there. Should you find any trouble during this submission process, please send an e-mail to with the subject "icms2006 submission trouble". Also, use this e-mail address for any inquire regarding the submission of papers.

We will also publish hybrid free DVD(s) for Windows/MacOS X/unix based on the knoppix/math project. We welcome your software systems or packages, free documents, free movies or any other interactive contents. The details will be announced later.