Session 17. Math in 2050 - Creativity, Publication, and Application supported by Knowledge Bases and Software?


Aim and Scope

The Math2050 Session explores community perceptions of future workflows in “doing mathematics” (the conception, publication, dissemination, and application of mathematical knowledge). It follows upon an ICMS event in Berlin organized by the International Mathematical Knowledge Trust (IMKT; chartered by the IMU and funded by the Alfred P. Sloan Foundation to help bring about a global digital mathematics library). The question of how to encode mathematical semantics that is at the heart of what future mathematics will be, was considered at a Fields Institute workshop in February 2016 and is still an active one.

Topics and Publications

The workshop seeks technical contributions and position papers on novel/computer-supported workflows and information resources for the practice of the mathematical sciences. The contributions will be used as anchors to an open discussion on how “doing mathematics could change in the next 30 years (one full generation of mathematicians). The contributors will be invited to submit articles to a special issue of “Mathematics in Computer Science”.