Weather information in Seoul, Korea


How to reach the hotels from airport

The limousine bus is most convenient to reach the recommended hotels from airport. You may download and refer to limousine service routes and time and price tables.


How to reach Hanyang University

The subway system is most convenient to reach Hanyang Univerisy from anywhere in Seoul. You may download to refer to this direction from the recommended hotels to Hanyang University Station. At the Hanyang University Station, Exit #2 will immediately lead you to the main administration building of the university and there will be a detailed guide to the venue.


Taxi booking service

If you would like to use a taxi to the airport, let us know during the conference. We can book a call taxi for you (The call taxi is safe because we book it). The travel time and fare are as follows.

  • To the Incheon Airport
    • Fare: KRW 63,000 (estimated amount including the tall fee on the highway)
    • Payment: either cash or credit card
    • Time: approximately 70 min
  • To the Gimpo Airport
    • Fare: KRW 27,000 (estimated amount, no tall fee)
    • Payment: either cash or credit card
    • Time: approximately 60 min


Visa information

Each participant should verify their own visa requirements for traveling to South Korea.
We provide some convenient links here:


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