Software Demo, Software Tutorial, Posters

At ICMS 2014, we continue the tradition of software demos, software tutorials, and posters as an integral part of ICMS. This is scheduled to be held in the afternoon of Thursday August 7.

We invite you to showcase your software/work at this time, whether or not you have a talk.

Please send an email to the Program Chair ( your proposal with the following information.

  1. Contact name and email
  2. Type (demo or poster or tutorial)
  3. Title
  4. Short (at most 60 words) description.

DEADLINES for Proposals:

  • Software Tutorial: July 10
  • Software Demo : July 25
  • Poster : July 25

Some details:

  • We expect to accept most posters and software demos proposals, subject to availability of space. However, we can only accept three software tutorials (one hour each), due to logistic constraints.
  • We only provide the following equipment/facilities:
    • Software demo : a desk space
    • Poster : a board/wall space
    • Software tutorial : a classroom with a data projector for an hour
    You need to provide all others yourself.
  • Accepted proposals will be listed on the webpage of ICMS 2014.
  • This part of the conference will be advertised/open to the general public, not just restricted to registered conference attendees. Hence, your posters/tutorials should be accessible to the wider audience.
  • The software for tutorials should be only on a free software that could downloadable from the web.


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