Second International Conference on Mathematical Software

Castro Urdiales, SPAIN, September 1-3 2006


Mathematics has a wide variety of branches. Despite this, we in the International Conference of Mathematical Software believe that mathematics is fundamentally just one thing. Algebra, geometry and analysis are examples of separate specialities within mathematics, and of course we consider each of them valuable and hence study them. But we take the view that any branch of mathematics can borrow freely from these specialities. It is often worth while delving into them for ideas that might lead to fundamental new discoveries.

The same can be said of mathematical software systems: the study of mathematical software is a coherent whole. We believe that the appearance of mathematical software is one of the most important events in mathematics. Mathematical software systems are used to construct examples, to prove theorems, and to find new mathematical phenomena. Conversely, mathematical research often motivates developments of new algorithms and new systems. Beyond mathematics, mathematical software systems are becoming indispensable tools in many branches of science and technology. The development of mathematical software systems relies on the cooperation of mathematicians, algorithm designers, programmers, and the feedback from users. The main audiences of this conference are mathematical software developers and programming mathematicians, but we also intend to provide an opportunity to discuss these topics with mathematicians and users from application areas.