International Congress of Mathematical Software   

We have organized sessions and general sessions of contributed papers. You can choose either an organized session or the general session for your submission. All papers will be refereed by the program committee. We have the following organized sessions.

Organized Sessions

Arjeh Cohen and Paul Wang Mathematics on Web
Komei Fukuda Optimization, geometric and combinatorial computation
Xiao-Shan Gao Software for differential equations
Michael Pohst Number theory
Konrad Polthier Geometry and visualization
Mike Stillman Computational algebraic geometry
Nobuki Takayama Algebraic analysis
Dongming Wang Polynomial algebra

Submit Papers

Authors are invited to submit papers by E-mail to

Nobuki Takayama
Department of Mathematics
Kobe University
Rokko, Kobe, 657-8501, Japan

We will accept not only research papers, but also excellent expositions. The page limit is 10 pages by the LaTeX article format.

We electronically accept papers in LaTeX2e format with the style


PS figures should be included by


PS figures should be archived by the ``tar'' command. If you are using other format, we will accept your submission by a harcopy for refereeing, but the final camera-ready version should be sent by LaTeX format with publisher's macro (8.5x6, general). If you want to give your lecture in an organized session, please do not forget to mention the name of the orpganized session.